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PHP Cheat Sheets

PHP, an akronym for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor, is one of the most used scripting languages on serverside. Its API is rather big so it's not that easy the methods to all types of features.

PHP Cheat Sheet v2

An overview for PHP including array, string and filesystem functions, date formatting and regular expressions.

Format: PDF
Date: July 2008
Source: Added Bytes
Author: Dave Child

PHP Reference Sheet

A cheat sheet for the basics of PHP on one sheet. Contains global variables structure syntax, cookies, sessions, and so on.

Format: PDF
Date: 18 October 2007
Source: Dream.In.Code
Author: hotsnoj, Martyr2

PHP Application Security Checklist

Security is important. Nowadays perhaps more important than ever. This one is more a checklist than a cheat sheet but also helps you to keep your websites safe on serverside.

Format: PDF
Date: 12 April 2010
Source: sk89q
Author: sk89q

PHP Help Sheet

GoSquared collected in their cheat sheet for PHP some basics like math methods, date formatting, fopen modes, filesystem and string functions.

Format: PDF
Date: 2008
Source: GoSquared
Author: GoSquared

PHP 5 Online Cheat Sheet v1.3

The offline version of an online cheat sheet. 3 pages about class definitions, string and array functions and predefined variables.

Format: PDF
Date: 13. November 2008
Source: designtopx
Author: Server-Side Magazine_