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WebTech Edition

Welcome to our fine selection of Cheat Sheets! Feel free to click on one of the categories below to take a look on a bunch of Cheat Sheets which try to help you to assist your mind. ;-)

JavaScript Cheat Sheets

JavaScript is a client-based scripting language for websites. In his early days its main target was manipulating the DOM but since HTML5 is coming closer and closer its getting more and more powerful.

JavaScript Cheat Sheet v1

Like for HTML and CSS Dave Child provided a compact Cheat Sheet in one page.

Format: PDF
Date: August 2005
Source: Added Bytes
Author: Dave Child

jQuery Quick API Reference

This cheat sheet comes with two pages but it's more or less one page because both contain the same content. The first one is a black on white sheet looking oldschool but is better to print I guess. The second one is in full color.

Format: PDF
Date: Unknown
Author: Oscar Otero

JavaScript DOM Cheatsheet

Shows you in a simple page the most common DOM methods and explains what they do.

Format: PDF
Date: 2007
Author: Christian Heilmann

Addison-Wesley's JavaScript Reference Card

Addison-Wesley. Six pages. From control structures to operators. Take this JavaScript!

Format: PDF
Date: 2004
Source: Pearson
Author: Kathleen M. Goelz, Carol J. Schwartz

jQuery 1.7 Visual Cheat Sheet

With 8 pages it's more a cheat booklet than a cheat sheet. A great help for jQuery 1.7.

Format: PDF
Date: February 2012
Source: woork up
Author: Antonio Lupetti