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Welcome to our fine selection of Cheat Sheets! Feel free to click on one of the categories below to take a look on a bunch of Cheat Sheets which try to help you to assist your mind. ;-)

HTML Cheat Sheets

Hypertext Markup Language, or just HTML, is a scripting language for structuring web documents. Until HTML5 is completely finished there is a wide use of different HTML versions. The most common ones should be HTML 4.0 and XHTML 1.0 (Strict for the pros, Transitional/Frameset for the "Goddamn, just work!" faction).

HTML Cheat Sheet

A classic among all. Provides Tags, Attributes and more.

Format: PDF
Date: January 2006
Source: Added Bytes
Author: Dave Child

HTML5 Quick Reference Guide

HTML Cheat Sheet 4 pages big. First page is an overview. The next three pages is an extended version with infos and attributes.

Format: PDF
Date: 2009
Source: ChurchMag
Author: Veign

HTML Character Entities

An useful overview about character entities in HTML.

Format: PDF
Date: Unknown
Source: Added Bytes
Author: Dave Child

HTML5 Canvas Cheat Sheet v1.1

Very useful if you want to use the new canvas feature in HTML5 and you forget things easily. Comes in two A4 pages.

Format: PDF
Date: 2009
Source: Nihilogic
Author: Jacob Seidelin

HTML Help Sheet

Another cheat sheet for the basics in HTML. Shows you when an element don't need a closing tag.

Format: PDF
Date: 2007
Source: GoSquared
Author: GoSquared

HTML5 Visual Cheat Sheet

A well designed showing all HTML elements including the attributes they can use. Elements which are new since HTML5 are marked with a different colour.

Format: JPG/2093x1480
Date: Unknown
Source: The Blog of Josh Jordan
Author: Antonio Lupetti

HTML5 Element Flowchart

That's a cool idea! You are rather a beginner with HTML5 and you don't know how to start structuring your page? No problem with this sheet from HTML5 Doctor.

Format: PDF
Date: 22 July 2011
Source: HTML5 Doctor
Author: @riddle, @boblet